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Positive MInds

Peer to peer converstions are very important in communicating with young people as teens and young adults can sniff out inauthenticity very quickly.

How therefore, do you tell stories of young people overcoming mental health issues particularly when you have to maintain their anonymity?

We worked with Kirklees Council’s Positive Minds team to create a suite of videos that could be shared across social media or used as a discussion tool in one-to-one settings. In order to further demonstrate the credibility of the programme we worked with students at Brighouse 6th Form to provide voiceovers the films.

The audio was captured using a remote recording studio which minimised the time that the students had to be out of lessons and meant that we could work in a safe space within the college.

Prior to the recording, Fourteen19®’s Graham Sykes spoke to the students to ensure that they included the recording session on their CV’s and college applications forms. He outlined what skills they would demonstrating – communication, team working, time management – and why these were important to employers and higher education establishments.

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