Canal & River Trust

Following our consultation on the Trust’s youth communications activity we delivered two youth projects that demonstrated the positive impact that young people could make on the waterways.

#TeenStrategy Objective:

Engage young people and provide a teen voice in the development of the Trust’s national youth engagement strategy.

#TeenStrategy Solution:

Recruit a diverse range of young people and develop & deliver youth engagement across a number of projects and campiagns. 

Activated #TeenStrategy:

  • Management of a number of direct youth projects
  • Create Pop-up Trust youth engagement agency ‘Digital Edge’
  • Establishment of a youth-focused social media channel Trust social media youth takeover day
  • Produce internal ‘Guide to Engaging Young People’
  • Peer-review of existing Trust communication
  • Production of two teen-produced films aimed at influencers (internal staff and partners)

#TeenStrategy Success:

  • Over 1000 hours committed by over 40 young people
  • Teens influencing Trust’s youth strategy
  • Demonstrable engagement by teens with the Trust
  • Youth Engagement embedded with the Trust

We produced a short film about the youth social action how it can benefit young people.

For more information on this, or any other projects we have been involved with please contact Graham Sykes on +44(0)1422 250070 or use the webform below.
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