Key Cities: Changing the future

Key Cities: Changing the future

Commissioned to produce one of the biggest surveys of young people in the UK. Insight was gained on a variety of subjects ranging from careers advice, jobs, health, democracy and Brexit.

In addition to surveying over 1500 young people, we also ran a number of focus groups to deep-dive further into the research.

All the insight was evaluated and a detailed report was produced that facilitated the discussions of 200 key influencers at the Key Cities Changing the future event held in July 2018.

#TeenStrategy Objective:

  • Gain insight of young people across 20 key cities areas
  • Produce a report for key decision makers that will enable understanding of the issues faced by 14-25 year olds
  • Provide data and anecdotal evidence that will underpin discussion at the 'Change the future' event 
  • Ensure that the 'voice of young people' was heard thoughout the event

#TeenStrategy Solution:

  • Engage the target audience through key influencers such as local authority officers, youth groups, schools, colleges, work-based learning providers and other audience-facing groups
  • Create branding, engaging messages and visuals that will support influeners to encourage the target audience to undertaken the questionnaire
  • Produce a questionnaire covering a range of subjects that will keep respondents engaged throughout

Activated #TeenStrategy:

  • Creating the "Changing the future' and '15 minutes to change your future' concepts and all associated branding
  • Creation of an influencer's 'Guide to Distributing the Youth Quesionnaire' complete with support assets for use across social media
  • Copy writing and creating an online questionnaire featuring 65 questions
  • Arranging and delivering three focus groups in locations around the UK
  • Production of the Changing the future: Youth insight report
  • Production of three films to be shown during the event featuring young people discussing the key findings of the the report

#TeenStrategy Success:

  • 1,721 young people completing the survey
  • 35 young people taking part in focus groups
  • Responses from all Key Cities areas
  • 23 key issues and insights raised for discussion
  • Changing the future: Youth Insight report
  • Key Cities Change the future graphic
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