Strategies, activity and evaluation that deliver Youth Social Impact.

With youth engagement finally being taken seriously in the boardroom this has brought increased scrutiny, evaluation, and a requirement to demonstrate impact.

This is not just the impact that activity is making on teens and young adults, but it’s the impact being made in a societal context within the wider community.

As new funding streams come online, and more organisations chasing ever-reducing pots of money – the emphasis will be on demonstrating past successes to secure future activity.

At Fourteen19® we support organisations to develop impactful youth strategies and deliver engaging communication strategies. We have also developed a youth social impact matrix that can be used to evaluate existing programmes and services for either the delivering organisation or its partners.

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Youth Strategy

I help organisations exceed their targets & objectives around engaging teens and young adults aged 14-25.

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Youth Voice

Undertaking research with the target audience improves understanding and ensures that the strategy and activity is 'youth approved'.

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Youth Activity

By ‘sanity checking’ ideas with young people all activity can deliver assurances that it is youth approved.

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Find out more about my book that was described as 'An essential life guide for every teen & young adult'

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Our Work

What’s going on in the Fourteen19® universe:

Could your organisation benefit from an experienced leader with over 20 years experience in youth engagement and marketing communications?

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Looking to improve your Youth Social Impact? Here are 10 ways to do it...

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Without products and service that deliver Youth Social Impact, our society and local communities suffer.

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Within increased financial pressures on the horizon, demonstrating impact needs to be much more than publishing a list of numbers in a board report.

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