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We created a sector-defining campaign for a new type of school that generated interest and applications locally and provided the foundations nationally for a new solution in vocational-based learning.

#TeenStrategy Objective:

Generate awareness and applications for the first Studio School to open in the UK – The Creative & Media Studio School.

#TeenStrategy Solution:

Following a period of community consultation we co-created a campaign with potential students that showcased the subjects and disciplines offered by the new learning facility.

Activated #TeenStrategy:

  • Created the ‘New Blood’ campaign and utilised the skills of over 50 students in graphic design, photography, costume design and theatrical make-up to create a visually stunning campaign
  • Created and managed the area-wide multi-channel activation strategy
  • Delivered an outsourced communications department for the new school - managing press enquires and all external communications including social media activity
  • Subsequent activity including production of all promotional activity including prospectus design and brochure production

#TeenStrategy Success:

  • Recruitment exceeded expected targets
  • Campaign activity and approach used as a beacon of best practice of other Studio Schools opening
  • Multiple invitations to speak at events and meetings to help other schools launch successfully
For more information on this, or any other projects we have been involved with please contact Graham Sykes on +44(0)1422 250070 or use the webform below.
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