Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association

We addressed tensions between young and old residents on housing estates in the North of England by co-creating a series of films with teen and senior residents.

#TeenStrategy Objective:

Address local tensions between young and old people on housing estates around perceived anti-social behaviour.

#TeenStrategy Solution:

Create a project where young people worked with old people on a series of films that highlights differences and similarities of ‘growing up’ now and in the past

Activated #TeenStrategy:

  • Sourced a group of young people to work directly on the project both in a production capacity and in a ‘Gogglebox’ –style detached commentary capacity.
  • Produced six short films:
    • In Our Day – Tensions
    • In Our Day – Money
    • In Our Day – Life Advice
    • In Our Day – Housing
    • In Our Day – Entertainment
    • In Our Day – Employment

#TeenStrategy Success:

  • Demonstrable project of young and old working together oung people more understanding and considerate towards older residents
  • Reduced friction from older and younger residents
  • Significant PR opportunities for LYHA



For more information on this, or any other projects we have been involved with please contact Graham Sykes on +44(0)1422 250070 or use the webform below.
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