For over 25 years I have been helping organisations to understand young people and to shape their products and services in order to maximise the engagement of teens and young adults.

I understand young people. I know how to build youth strategies that will meet organisational objectives, I know to undertake youth research that will improve understanding and I know how to create youth brands and campaigns that will inspire & engage young people to find out more about a brand, product or service.

Over 25 years I have worked with local and national organisations across a multitude of youth sectors including education, employment, life skills, health and wellbeing, sport and actvity and housing. I was also a key member of a government commission (above) looking at youth employment and enterprise. 

Reaching and engaging teen and young adults is extermely difficult - as a result I have had to build my own innovative methods and channels to do so. I underpin all my projects with a #TeenStrategy - a plan and programme of activity that delivers against targets and identified strategic outputs. 

If you would like to discuss a potential project please contact us on 01422 250070 or complete the webform below.


In the summer of 2019, I published my first book Destination Adulthood.

Over 230 pages it demonstrates my knowledge of teen and young adult audiences and my ability to turn this expertise into a tangiable and desirable resource. I am committed to working with organisations with products and services that improve young lives. If you would like to discuss this more please contact me via the webform below.     

Youth Strategy
For over twenty years we have been producing youth strategies for clients that deliver Youth Social Impact.
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Youth Voice
Including the voice of young people - whether via research or in decision making - improves understanding and ensures that the strategy and activity is 'youth approved'.
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Youth Activity
Activity that engages young people
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Without products and service that deliver Youth Social Impact, our society and local communities suffer.

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