For over 25 years we have been helping organisations to understand young people and to shape their products and services in order to maximise the engagement of teens and young adults.

We understand young people. We know how to build youth strategies that will meet organisational objectives, we know to undertake youth research that will improve understanding and we know how to create youth brands and campaigns that will inspire & engage young people to find out more about a brand, product or service.

Are you looking for an embedded solution?

Did you know you can commision Graham on an extended contract to set up and/or run a specialist youth development department within your organisation?

With budgets being squeezed, you can now access the full functions of a youth marketing department for a fraction of the cost. 

For more information please contact Graham via the webform or call on 07890 483966.   



Fourteen19® is run by Graham Sykes - one of the UK's leading youth experts in writing deliverable strategies, conducting reearch and activating campaigns. His book DESTINATION ADULTHOOD is an essential guide for young people and he is also a regular speaker, presenter and podcaster. 

Youth Strategy
We write deliverable strategies that engage young people.
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Youth Insight
We ask lots of questions to young people.
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Youth Activity
We create content that engages young people.
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Youth Voice
We connect young people and their views to organisations.
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Digital Engagement
Connect directly to young people.
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What’s going on in the Fourteen19® universe:

Through no fault of their own, it is often a lack of ‘agency’ that holds many young people back. At Fourteen19® we are committed to addressing this.

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1 in 5 young people are listening to podcasts - are you utilising this growing engagement activity?

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Over the past decade you have might have heard about Fourteen19®, seen us at events or even scrolled past one of our posts. But do you know what we do and if we can be of benefit to you or your organisation?

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Within increased financial pressures on the horizon, demonstrating impact needs to be much more than publishing a list of numbers in a board report.

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