Career In Law

For the first time SRA were looking to speak to directly to 18-26 year olds to inform them about forthcoming changes to how people will qualify to become a solicitor.

The new SQE qualification has been designed to increase diversity in the sector and make it more inclusive to people from all backgrounds. Following a successful tender win in March 2018, we have managed a project that has delivered a full creative solution.

TeenStrategy Objective:

Develop and launch an inclusive youth brand aimed at 18-26 year olds from a variety of backgrounds

#TeenStrategy Solution:

  • Extensive nationwide research using focus groups and online surveys
  • Creative co-creation and on-going testing with target audience
  • Campiagn executed across multiple online and offline channels

Activated #TeenStrategy:

  • Supply of identity marks and logos in multiple formats
  • Production of brand guidelines
  • Development of associated promotional assets including animated films, social media assets and online banner advertising

#TeenStrategy Success:

  • Over 1000 young adults consulted as part of the project
  • Delivery of a creative solution that could be mapped against audience research
  • Internal team able to demonstrate the credibility and validity of the approach & justify the final creative approach
  • Campaign soft launched in Autumn '18 with over 500 people already signed up to gain additional information







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