Magenta Living

Provided Magenta Living with a youth communications and transitional youth engagement resource and that saw us employ and mentor a young person and manage the transition to them becoming a Magenta Living employee.

#TeenStrategy Objective:

Introduce a youth engagement function to Magenta Living and provide support to demonstrate its continuing contribution to the organisation.

#TeenStrategy solution:

  • Manage all youth engagement activity
  • Integrate youth engagement within the organisation
  • Run numerous projects, events and campaigns
  • Train and mentor a local young person equipping them with a range of digital marketing skills (running focus groups, working with young people, film-production, graphic design, managing Social Media, project management)
  • Embedded a youth marketing resource within their organisation

Activated #TeenStrategy:

  • Three years of on-going support until May 2016 when Magenta created the full-time post of Digital Communications Executive

#TeenStrategy Success:

  • Significant improvements in youth engagement (increased attendance at events, increased participation in activities, increased number of young people accessing training and entering employment)
  • Full-time position created within Magenta Living
  • Long-term commitment benefitting the lives of young people in the Wirral


Film made with young tenants in order to explain Social Housing to young people. 

For more information on this, or any other projects we have been involved with please contact Graham Sykes on +44(0)1422 250070 or use the webform below.
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