NHS England

Generate honest and accurate feedback from young people with Congenital Heart Disease about the levels of service within NHS England that they were receiving.

#TeenStrategy Objective:

Undertake research from young people with Congenital Heart Disease attending hospitals around the country to ascertain the level of service being received.

#TeenStrategy Solution:

Create a unique, fun and safe environment, that could be transported around the country, in which to facilitate one-to-one sessions with young people.

Activated #TeenStrategy:

  • Nine-day, nine-city 2000 mile road trip around the UK
  • Unique environment with multiple fun activities that engaged young people from 4-18
  • Flexible approach to generating insight ranging from colouring-in to playing Playstation games
  • All insight collated on a daily basis and communicated to NHS staff

#TeenStrategy Success:

  • Honest feedback from 100 young people
  • Insight included within a ‘250 best practices’ document distributed to senior healthcare professionals
  • Improvement of services to young people
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