Youth Strategy

For over twenty years we have been producing youth strategies for clients that deliver Youth Social Impact.

We help some of the leading brands and organisations in the UK connect with young people and successfully engage them with their products and services. For our clients we become part of the team - an on-tap in-house youth engagement resource that can be called upon whenever needed.

Prior to all activity taking place, we will undertake a kick-off meeting and agree the approach which will define the objectives & parameters and provide the essential underpinning knowledge for all the subsequent activity.

Gaining this knowledge allows us to apply our knowledge and experience to create a bespoke youth strategy for each client and project. The strategy and plan we create will be lean and deliverable. At no stage will we supply you with a 200-page cut-and-paste strategy document full of charts, graphs and jargon.

Areas we consider include:

  • Defining the target audience
  • Ensuring the Product/Service appropriate for the target audiences
  • Defining the benefits that success brings to the wider community
  • Identifying effective channels & expertise to communicate with target audiences
  • Ensuring activity is evaluated and measured
  • Demonstrating and celebrating Youth Social Impact with staff, partners and stakeholders

Each of our clients has specific requirements and we are able to tailor the approach depending on the impact required. Examples of how we start a piece of work can vary from an informal meeting with the project manager through to a youth strategy workshop with a department team.

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