Youth Research

Undertaking research with the target audience improves understanding and ensures that the strategy and activity is 'youth approved'.

With over twenty years experience working with young people we have great baseline knowledge of what is required in order to engage them effectively. Over this time we have run hundreds of sessions and spoken to thousands of young people from all corners of the country. 

We have fantastic links with schools and colleges and are able to pull together large and small cohorts of young people whether it is for a focus group or a large scale online survey. 

Once the target group(s) are identified we are able to produce a bespoke programme of research activity that will generate the insight required. 

We recently developed Hybrid QQ®, a revolutionary approach to insight, which combines quantitative and qualitative research techniques and enables us to collect visceral data and anecdotal evidence that informs and underpins understanding and subsequent activity.

We start by building a socio-demographic profile of the target audience and then match this with schools, college, work-based learning providers and housing organisations across the UK.

We take identified groups of young people through a quantitative survey, before sharing the results with the group and exploring the reasons why people answered the way they did. We have seen huge success in generating valuable insight through this method as it is proven to extract data from the target audience in a way that standard research doesn’t. Hybrid QQ uncovers young people’s real feelings, motivations and attitudes that can subsequently be leveraged when shaping products, services and marketing messages.

This research technique can be used at any stage of a campaign, from product or campaign development or even post-campaign feedback.

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