Youth Branding & Campaigns

As a creative agency, Fourteen19® has produced numerous creative campaigns and brand styles that engage young people. Where possible, ideas are ‘sanity checked’ with young people in order to ensure they are youth approved.

Having a robust strategic plan - underpinned by knowledge of the target audience - means that concepts and ideas are aligned to the project from the outset. 

Within the agency we are able to generate and produce a range of creative services (graphic design, copywriting, channel selection, film production, campaign management) and we compliment this with a network of like-minded professionals (photographers, printers, animators etc) who share our ethos and philosophy. 

As a result we are able to offer channel-neutral activity and a complete creative service for brief to delivery.

In addition we all offer a social media management service, direct email management and the ability to create films, blogs and case studies. 

Reporting and Project Management

In order to continually monitor and analyse the engagement activity detailed above, Fourteen19® can create weekly or monthly engagement reports. The reports, which are supplied via email, contain top line engagement figures, key activity and key learnings from the previous week/month’s activity.

Direct youth engagement activity

As a Youth Engagement agency, Fourteen19® works on projects to facilitate relationships between organisations and young people. Since 2010 we have run a number of projects under our ‘Creative Experience’ banner. Here we recruit a group of young people and bring them together to work on a live client marketing project (such as making a film or creating a youth campaign). Over a number of sessions the group undertake all the stages of producing the project whilst also developing their own skills and getting invaluable work experience.



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