A unique offer for schools, colleges and work-based learning providers

DESTINATION is a new resource for teens and young adults. It provides young people with the knowledge to take responsibility for maximising their own potential and for planning the journey that will enable them to live their very best life possible.

In August 2019, DESTINATION ADULTHOOD was published and despite only being available for sale online, sales are have been brisk, reviews have been brilliant and discussions are currently ongoing with two national distributors. As part of the author’s commitment to ensure that as many young people benefit as possible, we are pleased to present a unique offer for colleges and work-based learning providers.

Bring DESTINATION to your students or learners with a Presentation or Interactive Workshop led by DESTINATION ADULTHOOD author Graham Sykes + FREE BOOKS to distribute to session participants

Sessions contain:

  • Understanding the principles and importance of future planning
  • Evaluation of participants own skills against the 12 essential LifeLocations®
  • Explore ways to increase the necessary skills needed to be a success
  • Considering the areas that might require a reset to get back on the right path
  • Opportunity to explore real examples within the group
  • Free ‘Future Planning’ worksheets for all participants

20 minute ‘Future Planning’ Presentation + 100 Copies of DESTINATION ADULTHOOD - £750+VAT

45 minute ‘Future Planning’ Interactive Workshop + 25 Copies of DESTINATION ADULTHOOD - £350.00+VAT

Offset the cost

If you are considering marketing activity in the near future why not utilise the youth engagement expertise of Graham Sykes and the creative services of Fourteen19® and offset the above cost.

Fourteen19® have vast experience delivering in youth marketing services including branding, producing promotional material, student research and new intake recruitment campaigns.

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About the Author

Graham Sykes has been helping teens and young adults to maximise their potential for over 25 years. As the Head of Agency at Fourteen19®, he has helped many leading organisations and brands improve the way they communicate with young people. He has conducted thousands of conversations with young people and was recently involved in a government commission looking at youth employment and enterprise.

Born in Huddersfield and now living in Calderdale, Graham didn’t follow a traditional career path - leaving school with only 4 GCSEs (of which English wasn’t one). He worked hard to get his career back on track and he is now a successful businessman who is paid to write on behalf of his clients!

He has worked extensively in the education & work based learning sectors. In addition to delivering many successful campaigns, his innovative Creative Experience projects have enabled hundreds of young people to gain ‘experience’ of working on live client projects. He has also supported 16-24 year olds through mentoring, speaking at youth events, commissioning young entrepreneurs to supply his business and providing Apprenticeships.




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