Sport & Activity Participation

With youth participation in sport in decline we help organisations reverse the trend by mediating strategies that work for all parties.

Most people (old and young) have an in-built preference to resist physical exercise. The key to increasing participation for young people is understand their barriers and overcome them with innovative solutions and engaging messages.

There are lots of potential barriers for young people not to get involved in sport. PE is being cut in schools, parents have less free time to drive to clubs, money to pay for activities is scare and the social element of ‘hanging out’ with likeminded people can now be done alone in a bedroom with Snapchat, Instagram and social media.

We deliver activity that engages young people directly and via their network of influencers including teachers, schools and colleges.

We work with a number of sport-focused organisations ranging from NGBs, County Sport Partnerships and awarding bodies. Across the board we have seen demonstrable increases in youth participation from our activity.

For more information or discuss a specific project please contact Graham Sykes | Head of Agency on +44 (0)1422 250070.
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