Pioneering Co-Creation

Co-creation is one of our secret weapons in making activity resonate with young people. Using our skills as facilitators as well as engagement experts, we are able to interpret throwaway comments or a moodboard and turn it into the basis for a successful campaign.

Involving young people in the activity works in a number of positive ways. Firstly you get a more targeted and authentic campaign. Secondly, the young people involved get valuable vocational experience and thirdly the process itself can be used to generate additional PR and further demonstrate how ‘in touch’ the organisation is with young people.

We have pioneered a six-session framework, delivered over six weeks that takes young people through the process of co-creating a campaign. This framework (delivered under our ‘introduction to digital marketing award’ banner) results in the participants gaining a certificate and a reference for their CV.

All sessions are managed by Fourteen19® and young people are sourced based on their relevance to the project and the desired target audience.

For more information or discuss a specific project please contact Graham Sykes | Head of Agency on +44 (0)1422 250070.
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