Our Services

We help some of the leading brands and organisations in the UK connect with young people and successfully engage them with their products and services.

Our range of services include: 

1) Youth marketing audits & strategic planning
Prior to all activity taking place, Fourteen19® produce a planning document. This document can vary from a comprehensive strategic audit of youth engagement (involving multiple site visits and interviews) to a single page overview of the project objectives and key messages. Aligning all subsequent activity to the initial planning document ensures all aspects of the campaign meets the pre-agreed objectives.

Activity Breakdown

  • Agree scope of project
  • Internal meetings with key project personnel
  • Production of planning document
  • Dissemination with key staff

2) Youth & education sector research

In order to continuously improve the offer of our youth engagement services it is important that all decisions around communication, engagement and programme development are led by insight gathered from the target audiences. Our HybridQQ insight model uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques to extract key information.

Activity Breakdown

  • Recruitment of groups from specific geo-demographic areas
  • Preparation of questions
  • Facilitation of research session
  • Collation and dissemination of findings

3) Creation of campaign & youth branding

As a creative agency, Fourteen19® has produced numerous creative campaigns and brand styles that engage young people. Where possible, ideas are ‘sanity checked’ with young people in order to ensure they are youth approved.

Activity Breakdown

  • Creation of ideas
  • Mocking up of concepts
  • Presentations to key personnel
  • Sourcing & commissioning photography / illustrations
  • Copywriting
  • Developing ‘mock ups’ to ‘print-ready’ artwork
  • Supply of artwork in multiple formats

4) Social media management

Fourteen19® have seen significant levels of engagement through social media with a wide variety of different target audiences (young people, parents, teachers, partners). Through our knowledge and expertise we focus engagement activity primarily through Twitter and Facebook but also utilise channels such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat.

As part of the management of our client’s social media channels we create, proof and distribute content across the appropriate platforms. Where possible we write and schedule all posts one-month in advance and provide a report of this schedule to the client for internal distribution. This ensures that all key personnel are aware of which posts are going out and when.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of campaigns, where possible, all posts are given specific ‘call to actions’ such as a link to a website or information gathering landing page.

Activity Breakdown

  • Creation of the project/client pages
  • Copywriting, image generation and proof reading of posts across multiple platforms
  • Use of innovative engagement tools such as Twitter cards, Facebook Live and Snapchat geofilters
  • Scheduling of posts for distribution through social media management software
  • Management of replies/direct messages from followers
  • Analytics management for reporting
  • Tracking of audience segmentation against target audiences
  • Allocation and management of paid for advertising budget
  • Monitoring of social media profiles including out of hours business hours activity

5) Direct email

In order to regularly communicate with existing and potential ‘customers’ Fourteen19® can create, manage and distribute regular emails using professional email hosting software. These emails communicate key messages and signpost recipients to further information / call to actions.

Fourteen19® generates and curates content and is fully responsible for all aspects of email communication including the design, scheduling and testing of the email and database management/segmentation.

Activity Breakdown

  • Copywriting and curation of content including liaison with partners
  • Design of appropriately branded headers, titles and images
  • Contact database management and segmentation
  • Email software management including scheduling, testing, distribution and re-distribution
  • Email management software subscription

6) Films, blogs and case studies

It is important that all activity generates engaging content around celebrating success, promoting good news and communicating key messages. Fourteen19® has produced many short films (2-3 minutes in length), Facebook Live/Periscope style live broadcasting, multiple blogs and case studies and improves the level of engagement of a project.

Activity Breakdown

  • Research and recruitment of subjects to be filmed/features
  • Creation of shooting script aligned with key messages
  • Creation of on-screen graphics
  • Liaison with partners
  • Filming and editing at locations around the country
  • Uploading and/or distributing content

7) Reporting and Project Management

In order to continually monitor and analyse the engagement activity detailed above, Fourteen19® can create weekly or monthly engagement reports. The reports, which are supplied via email, contain top line engagement figures, key activity and key learnings from the previous week/month’s activity.

Activity Breakdown

  • Weekly engagement report containing top line figures and key activity
  • More detailed monthly report including collation of weekly figures, narrative around the previous month’s activity and the upcoming month’s tactics and activity
  • Tracking of engagement activity against registration/activation figures

8) Direct youth engagement activity

As a Youth Engagement agency, Fourteen19® works on projects to facilitate relationships between organisations and young people. Since 2010 we have run a number of projects under our ‘Creative Experience’ banner. Here we recruit a group of young people and bring them together to work on a live client marketing project (such as making a film or creating a youth campaign). Over a number of sessions the group undertake all the stages of producing the project whilst also developing their own skills and getting invaluable work experience.

We have now taken this a step further by formalising the process as two awards:

  • An Introduction to Digital Marketing & Youth Engagement Award, and,
  • An Advanced Award in Digital Marketing & Youth Engagement


For more information or discuss a specific project please contact Graham Sykes | Head of Agency on +44 (0)1422 250070.
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